Host a Private Show with Danielia Cotton

Choose Your Experience 


Package: Solo Acoustic Performance 


Description: Experience the raw and intimate side of Danielia's music with a solo acoustic performance. 
Duration: Up to 2 hours 
Price: Starting at $600



Package: Intimate House Concert (Duo or Trio Experience) 


Description: Host a private house concert with Danielia, bringing her soulful voice and captivating presence directly to your living room for an unforgettable experience.  
Duration: Up to 2 hours  
Price: Starting at $1,200


Package: FullBand Showcase 


Description: Feel the energy and power of Danielia's music with a full band showcase, complete with electrifying performances and soulful vocals. 
Duration: Up to 3 hours 
Price: Starting at $1,500



​​Package: Collaborative Experience 


Description: Create a unique and personalized show by collaborating with Danielia, tailoring the setlist to your preferences, and even joining her on stage for a memorable performance. 
Duration: Customizable                                                                                                                                                                           Merch Package: Personalized autograph merch 
Price: Starting at $2,000